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The dynamic and inspiring events and projects featured on our Project Showcaseand Project Archive pages would not have been possible without the equally dynamic and inspiring band of volunteers and supporters who have given of their time, skills and talents to be a part of our work to build the Commons. If you’d like to lend a hand – whether it’s helping us fundraise, helping us with writing, video or design jobs, or helping out at an event – we’d love to hear from you! Contact us.

Other ways you can help… Take part in our campaigns!

TACP dogs do the Walk the Talk

This month we’ve launched a fundraising campaign around the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk event, and are asking for sponsorships for our cute TACP dogs, who will be doing the 5km walk. Meet our canine competitors and read all about the campaign.

Previous campaigns:

Stop! the Regulations

This campaign, by the African Commons Project and our partners, aimed to create a critical, thoughtful and constructive submission to Parliament on the Draft Intellectual Property Rights From Publicly Funded Research Development Regulations.