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Whatever have we been doing?

Friday, September 9, 2011 21:17 No Comments

Well, this blogpost comes rather late in the day and the team – much reduced in numbers – at The African Commons Project had better have a good excuse for not updating their blog.  (Especially as social media and blogging are one of the topics that we teach the non-profit community and knowledge managers!) The […]

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All about the Copyright Act of 1978 and why we need a change…

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 13:50 No Comments

The African Commons Project, with the National Consumers Forum, has just launched our 1978… What were you doing? campaign, which is all about mobilising South Africans to lobby for a review of the current Copyright Act of 1978. Yes, 1978! That’s 32 years ago! But quite a bit has changes since then! From a new […]

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TACP supports Freedom to Innovate South Africa

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 14:44 No Comments

Local non-profit organisation, Freedom to Innovate South Africa (FTISA) would like to invite you to join in their support of the movement towards opening up local innovation.  The organisation, which was established in 2006 by open-patent trailblazers such as Bob Jolliffe ex Meraka Institute, aims to provide a formal platform through which local and international […]

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The time to sign is now…

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 16:28 1 Comment

The Stop! the Regulations petition is up and running – and ready for your signature. The African Commons Project and members of the open access community in South Africa have been working together to draft a letter of protest to the Department of Science and Technology using the collaborative writing tools at MixedInk. The community […]

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