We did it!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 11:55
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The Team (from bottom left): Toby, Nigella, Kerryn, Daniela, Rosanne, Basil, Anna and Roxy.

The African Commons Project team and our lovely canine companions successfully completed the Discovery 702 Walk the Talk on Sunday, 26 July!

Saved by Daddy!

All the training that the dogs had undertaken in the run-up to the event definitely paid off – they all performed exceptionally well! There were a few panicky moments at the starting line (see picture below), but once the race got started there was no holding them back – especially Basil and Toby who were so eager to get to the finish line that they were literally straining at the leash. As for The African Commons Project ladies – well, there were some aches and pains to report on Monday morning, but it was great to hit the streets of Joburg and get out into the fresh air – a well needed break away from our laptops!

We also used this opportunity to do some fundraising for The African Commons Project, so we’d like to send a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to the sponsors of our cute canines. We’ve memorialised you all on our Wall of Fame as we are very grateful for your contributions, which will all be put towards the core running costs of the organisation.

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